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Thursday, 3 October 2013

Game Online Translator (GOT)  - PT Wave Wahana Wisesa


Creating Online Game EventTranslate the latest GameOrganize Online Game


Age maximum 30 years oldMinimum S1, any major, preferrable language major.Have proficiency in English /or Mandarin (Must have one of this skills);Have experiences in playing online game is a mustProficiency in other foreign languages also become a plus markInnovative, Creative, self-motivatedAble to work independently, under pressure, manage multiple priorities.Willing to travelAble to work in both day or night shiftFresh grad is welcomeHave the ability to use social networking and moderating a forum is a plus markHave the ability to write an article is a plus markLocation: Surabaya, Indonesia

Company Overview

About us: We are one of the leading online game publishing company based in Surabaya seeking for talented professional worker to join with us in the fun and entertainment industry that is growng very fast in the recent years. Visions: To grow our business: from online gaming entertainment, edutainment, and community into virtual payment gateways; from nationally into globally in the changing environment and tough competition. Missions: To bring and serve: different excitement in entertainment where player enjoy togetherness that cross the boundary between virtual and reality; online u.

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